Rafflesia: The Banished Princess

Rafflesia: The Banished Princess

Rafflesia: The Banished Princess is the debut novel by author Gautam. He has written this somewhat longer a novel with subtle artistry and a different style of narrative which keeps the readers involved until the last. However, let me be very honest that not all the readers would be interested in reading this because it does not offer a multi-dimension story – the story is about a person named Appu who is on the verge of a divorce and all about him. Appu’s plight for the rescue from a tormenting life might be the key to this novel being so popular because many people are suffering from this or that trouble in their lives and that’s why the might well connect with the protagonist in Rafflesia: The Banished Princess.

The story, from the beginning to the end, is about Appu and his friend Rahul who supports him till the end. On the verge of a divorce, the shy guy Appu becomes paranoid to an extent and begins doubting his life and himself. He always thinks that it was him because of whom his wife Jharna left him just after two days of marriage. However, Rahul always tries to persuade him otherwise.

The story will seem boring to you if you are a constant reader of the novels which contain an abundance of action and thrill. Rafflesia is a novel which is fueled by the helplessness of the author and a dilemma which always encircles him. This is a nothing novel if you take out Appu of it and that’s why this is a one person dominating work. The serious nature of the theme and somewhat complicated status of the plot always makes me wonder why did the author chose to debut with this work – but, as they say, the ones who dare to go very far will only know how far can one go! I congratulate Gautam for taking a tough stand and doing something which many people can’t do! You should read Rafflesia only if you are interested in reading a monologue kind of story with very serious atmosphere!


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