Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

What can you say about this novel? Anything more than just a couple of words – “Oh God!” will be harmful for one’s reputation because the fans of Jane Austen are still out there to pinch the people who don’t like this novel or others by her. Jane Austen’s novels have many distinct features which one must understand before reading anything other than her novels. You will get to read a thousand times more on her novels than reading her novels themselves. Therefore, you must read something useful and here is the link to that wonderful article:

Remembering Jane Austen on her death anniversary 

Pride and Prejudice is a novel about misunderstandings and ego. This is the very first thing that comes to my mind having finished the novel. Elizabeth and Darcy misunderstand each other as well as many others and they create the nuisance on the way of other courtships as well. However, towards the end, things settle well and in a typical style of Jane Austen, the things become magically well! Unlike Thomas Hardy, Austen believed in giving the round endings to her novels. She believed also in the saying of Shakespeare that All is well that ends well!

You should read this novel by Austen to let yourself relax and know some tricks about the early 19th century tricks in courtships and love affairs. Moreover, the novels of Austen also come with a distinct touch of domestic appeal. Her novels did never come out of the two or three grand mansions and remained there until the end of her writing career. Still, you will find a great touch of completeness in Pride and Prejudice than in other novels of her contemporary authors. Go and make the days count! I liked this novel a lot I hope others too enjoy this great classic masterpiece!


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