Despite Stolen Dreams – book review

Despite Stolen Dreams – book review

Not many days ago I have complained that Indian fiction isn’t going in the right direction and I am once again overwhelmed to see that authors like Anita Krishan do exist who just make your day amazing! He latest novel Despite Stolen Dreams is a wonderful work which traces out emotions that are involved in affection and hope as well as in hatred and despair. This is a sheer masterclass and no adjective other than this can explain this novel in short!

Published in 2017, Despite Stolen Dreams by Anita Krishan is a succession to her previous novel entitled Tears of Jhelum. This novel also has the protagonist from Kashmir, Wali Khan who with his family has to face the hardships because of terrorists who cause trouble and they have to escape with their saved souls from Kashmir to Delhi where they find a whole new world to explore.


The theme of the novel is rather broader and it offers terrorism put against love and hope. Shakeel and Hashim along with their gang are the representative of terrorism and Wali, Kashmira, and their family are symbols of hope and love. It tries to portray to the readers which path is better and should be followed and the conclusion of the novel just beautifully sums up the theme that Anita Krishan has taken up in her writing.


The plot of the novel offers variety and surprises – on so many occasions. It turns sharply when we see Kashmira and Wali coming together on a cruiser of affection and dominating the world around them. It turns twistingly when we see Meher loving someone who is not of her religion and she finds herself and her father in a dilemma… it turns swiftly when we find that terrorists are back in the life of Wali once again and they are all ready to run havoc once more in Delhi! The plot, to say, is amazing and you will be enjoying the read until the end.


Rich in language and vocabulary, the novel Despite Stolen Dreams has rightly been called a modern classic by many readers and some of the best book bloggers in India. It certainly is far better than most of the contemporary pieces produced as novels and offered to the readers. Anita Krishan has been wise in picking her theme and very crafty in handling the same. She makes her novel serious and interesting at the same time and the same becomes wonderful for readers belonging to different age groups and different choices. You can read more about the novel and the author on her official website:


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