Reading Good Novels vs Reading Jokes!

I am not a huge fan of the contemporary novels when it comes to reading books these days! I have been reading the works of likes of Thackerays and Dickens and Brontes and please don’t offer me the utter nonsense in the form of love affairs and cheap romances which offer just nothing but a temporal excitement and no reading pleasure or just no literary outcome! I am done and faded-up of the same thing! What do you like reading, by the way?

I wish that the authors could focus on their language and brush their skills of writing a little more before they come and expose themselves to the world of readers. And the same thing happens what we fear most often – they are overexposed to the rend and flow with them rather than working on their story and standing apart. Usual and casual readers will surely like reading about the sexual encounter in a cosy night or a sunny day but the readers who love reading meaningful works will never be satisfied with kinds of stuff like this.

Indian fiction will have to stretch a little and look beyond the usual drab now. There are the authors, nevertheless, who try to remain detached from the trend and look for making their own path. But what happens to them is tragic – their book is seldom read by the readers and even after they work a little with book promotion companies, it is hard to find the good number of readers because they are really not in plenty these days and serious fiction hardly finds counters in the book fairs or windows in the reading corners!

Let’s see where the buck stops and when do we see the corridors of Indian fiction matching the heights of the world fiction… we have to wait, maybe… and maybe we are already ignoring some of the novelists who are working really good!


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