News Update: Prabhat Ranjan’s book launch!

Dear readers, this is to inform you all that the debut book by Prabhat Ranjan will be launched on 29th October 2017. I have also written a preview of the book in my older posts and the book is titled With You; Without You. The novel is written in Hindi and it documents the story of a love which is born out of friendship and then dies too.

A novel full of suspense and thrill, the book will be released on the last Sunday of this month amidst some of the eminent personalities who will be there. The book has been published by the story mirror publications and will be available for purchase that day onwards. Prabhat Ranjan is very enthusiastic about his book and he believes that his book will be liked by the readers because it offers so much about the modern generation.

Before the launch, the book has been appreciated by the pre-readers who have read the book. Some of the top book critics in the country have read Prabhat Ranjan’s debut book and have shown their interest in the future of this book as well as the author. After the launch, I will also be getting a copy of the book and will review the same on my blog. I hope the book will be liked by the readers because it captures the moments of falling in love and all the delusions and hallucinations around it which makes the central character commit a crime which he later regrets. There are also several scenes of strong feministic appeal in the book through the character of Rami.

Let’s wait and see how does the book perform once it is actually launched among the readers to be read and critiqued.


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