The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter – successful debut book!

The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter – successful debut book!

It’s not a rare occasion when a debut book becomes successful because we have been witnessing several authors who have just shot to the fame with their very first book and it keeps repeating from time to time. Today, I have just been looking for Shilpa Raj and her book on the web and curiosity found several good news about it. If you remember the story that I have done about Shilpa Raj and her debut book The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter on my blog, you must remember the highlight of the book that I have brought to the readers exclusively. Now, the book has been on several lists and praises for the author and the book have been pouring from different directions. From the book lovers to book critics in India and so from the foreign countries, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter has been enjoying a success all round!

If I analyse why the book has been so greatly successful, the main reason that I come across must be the appeal that this book makes to the readers. Shilpa Raj has written about the hope and what hope for a better day can do – almost a magical journey of a girl who was left to die. Shilpa’s story does not remain only the story of a girl whose father is an elephant chaser; this story transforms itself into a story which every girl can relate to and the author has almost become a brand ambassador of hope for many ones like her and that’s why people have been praising Shilpa’s debut book now!

Many critical book readers have written about the book on their blogs and many celebrity authors and artists have extended their praise for the book. This must be so encouraging for the author and yet, Shilpa is just getting ready for her another book which she wants to keep focused on the gentle and valuable care of the children who will become the civilians of tomorrow. What we find missing for Shilpa’s deceased sister in her book Shilpa wants that to be with every child in future and her crusade against the injustice and inequality prevalent in the society will be going on through her books.

The author has been attending several conferences and discussion forums talking about her successful book because the readers and the audience want to listen to her more and more. If you haven’t yet read the book, please visit the official website of the author and buy your copy because you will be missing a great phenomenon of Indian English writing if you fail to read The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter:

Shilpa Raj – official website of the author


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