Bleeding Queens – book review

Bleeding Queens – book review

Folks, now I have finished reading the book by Palak Kundra – Bleeding Queens. This book is written in Hindi and it runs through 150 pages approximately. You will seldom find anything which could intrigue you a lot and the book is a straightforward fiction without offering so much of back-plots or hidden elements and the readers will surely like this job by the debut novelist. Mainly featuring the characters named Diljit, who is the protagonist, Karanveer and Rohit. Karanveer is the brother of Diljit and Rohit is her lover who becomes her future partner too.

The novel is all about the retaliation of a girl against the criminals who gang rape her one night and leave her life in destitute and hopelessness. However, Diljit does not break down and ends her fear for the criminals and she comes out to take her revenge by her own hands. She searches for all her four criminals and ends their lives in a very clinical manner which you might find only in the Hollywood movies!

The novel and its plot might seem very limited at times to the readers as the central focus of the narrative is the revenge by Diljit. However, the ideology which the author tries to represent is the agony and harsh mentality against the crime which has been regularly happening against the women in the society. And the disinterest of the concerned departments towards the same. Even the people in the society become very much aloof and let the victim alone when they witness come crimes against the women and that is worrying trend for the nation and where not in the world.

You will surely concur with the thoughts of the author once you read the book because even the cruellest punishment cannot wash away the pains of a rape victim. Her soul is tattered and her body is too and Diljit goes through the same agony and excursion of the pain. This is a very well-written book in the terms of theme and delivers a strong message to the readers. Bleeding Queens does not remain an ordinary fiction book once you finish it because the rage against the rapists and habitual women-offenders is very high! You can get to read more about the book and also the link to buy the book by visiting the link below:

Bleeding Queens – details, critical review and buying options



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