Palak Kundra’s Arrival in fiction writing

Palak Kundra’s Arrival in fiction writing

Guys, I have come across a Hindi novel recently. Bleeding Queens, with an English title, the book is a Hindi fiction and somewhat a different kind of fiction too. A very limited plot has been created by Palak to give words to her thoughts against the crime against women which is spreading or rather spearheading very fastly into the sanity of our society in various of its manifests – rape, domestic violence, eve-teasing, workplace harassment and what not! Palak Kundra, an author from Amritsar, Punjab, has taken these things on and she has made her instincts very clear in her very debut novel – Bleeding Queens.


I will write about the book once I finish reading it completely. However, I wish to write about the author first. Palak Kundra in an English Honours graduate from Delhi University whose big chunk of life has been spent in Delhi only. After marriage, she settled in Amritsar, Punjab where she is taking care of a business as well as dipping her hands into the inks of fiction writing and writing against the women problems often.

Fiction, in her thinking, should be something which spreads a message among the masses and the message which it spreads must be positively charged and should offer solutions to certain problems which it addresses. You will find that in most of her articles she is trying to come to the conclusions and offering her thoughts which might be taken as solutions against the problems we have been talking about. She is very vocal about the problems faced by women and mostly against the ghastly crime called rape.

You can check her official author website here:

on her website, you will also find the links to purchase her books which you can also purchase directly by sending a message or calling her direct selling channel. Head to her website for more details about the same.


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