Organising what you read

This is a very important aspect which all the readers need to take care of. Do you even care to organise your reading schedule? Do you ever care what you read? Do you even remember what you have been reading in a while? If all the answers tantamount to a culminative no, then you seriously need to look into your style of reading as well as managing your reading desk and reading schedule or in short, to organise your reading! I will be sharing a few tips for the same in this post of mine.

Keep an organiser: You can start keeping an organiser on which you can just tap everything you have to read in a day. And make sure that you check when a reading task is over. That will help you a lot because you will be achieving the goals you have set for a day and a good day would surely move ahead towards making a good week and then a good month… So, get your organiser and start the job!

A little of many things: Don’t do the forced reading just because you have to read! You can mix things up to keep your mood light and reader-worthy! You can read a little of this and a little of that and a little of that too. It will keep your reading schedule fresh and you will be liking what you do rather than sticking with a book even when you are feeling bored with it.

Don’t overdo: If you have fixed a goal to finish some book by the Wednesday night and for some reasons, maybe you couldn’t do that, don’t overdo to make that gap bridged. Overdoing in the terms of reading might be hazardous for your read and you might miss the important points in your book because your focus would more be on finishing the book rather than reading it for good! So, take your time and don’t over-rub the stone that it just dusts!

These are the simple things that I do to keep my reading schedule light and healthy at the same time. I hope these plans will help you too! Happy reading my dear readers! Keep up the reading spirit and shine on! And if you are just wondering what to read, you can follow some of the best book review websites and learn from their desk what to read.


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