Fiction and Non-fiction and the Bizarre!

I have been asked by many friends of mine and some readers too – what is the difference between fiction and non-fiction? The writing difference we do notice; however, is there any visible difference in reading too? We seldom know unless we read some of them one by one and in quick succession. How does it feel like when you read a book like Pride and Prejudice? And then, how does it feel like when you read a book like The New Strategic Selling or Forwards and Afterwards? If you can decipher that nuance of difference between these two experiences, you are a master and you have mastered the art of psychology of reading!

I have rarely read the reviews of non-fiction books by any bloggers or even the top Indian book bloggers and book critics unless that’s by some great authoritative figure in writing. The reason, what I think, is, that there might be very less in the non-fictional book compared to what we find in the fiction – a novel will offer a lot and a nonfiction will seldom offer too much of the juice of reading – that might well be a dry-reading!

Personally, I like reading fictional books and seldom read any nonfiction genre because I cannot carry myself with the book; I rather would like being carried away by the books I read and that only happens with the fiction readings that I have. What is your opinion on this? You might make for yourself. Nevertheless, I am not saying off about the nonfiction writers because I admire writers alike. I just have little reservations in the terms of reading what I read.

And what has been up with you, folks? How many books have you read recently? Did you write some book reviews too? Never back off and let the world read what you write…


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