Literature News Source – new platform

Dear readers… hope you have been doing great all the while and now you are ready to read some good news too! I have been researching some of the great destinations where you could be reading some of the great news of literature. After wondering so much to and fro on the world wide web, I have finally settled on a destination which uncovers some of the very useful news for the readers of literary interest. I am sure you must be wondering to know what is that website – here you go! Literature News is the address of that website where you can read most of the important happenings in the literary world across the globe. 

Other than the literature news, this website also offers insightful book reviews, interviews with authors and poets, introduction to the latest and upcoming authors and also very useful opinions on the literary issues. I have been following the stories on this website and it has been a wonderful experience until now. You can also visit the site and see whether it meets your expectations in the terms of literary issues.

What other things have been going on with you, friends? I have been busy in reading some of the books which I have received in the past days and most of them have been meeting my expectations very well. Some are Hindi novels and some are English fictions. All have been jolly jolly so far and I will be posting the reviews on my website very soon.

I have also started writing a little of poetry these days and whenever I get a chance, I will be sharing some of them with you, dear readers. Please keep reading my posts and also the books you like. It’s really nice to be in this fraternity of the book lovers and enthusiastic readers. Keep working for the good!


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