Author Prabhat Ranjan & His With You; Without You

Author Prabhat Ranjan & His With You; Without You

When we talk about authors from Bihar (poets included), we have some great names in front of us and their dense shadows don’t let our minds move away. With time, nevertheless, many authors from Bihar have tried their hands at writing and some of them have also garnered good fame and recognition. Honourable mithilanchal writer Chandranath Mishra ‘Amar’ or the well-known modern novelist Amitava Kumar, many like these fellows have done something in their respective languages. A new novelist from Bihar, Prabhat Ranjan, is ready to enter the world of Hindi novelists with his debut work With You; Without You in the coming days. Prabhat, when one talks to him, shows a great sense of understanding and his command on the play of words. In order to connect with his readers easily, Prabhat Ranjan has launched his official website recently and you can browse the same on the link below:

Author Prabhat Ranjan

Talking about his novel, Prabhat has tried to portray a love triangle in his debut work. This love triangle, however, is not the one that you find often in the works of Nikita Singh or other writers in her league. Prabhat Ranjan has tried something other. He has mixed the plot of the novel with the theme of a serious nature and his narrative is just amazing. Being in Hindi language, the novel is sure to touch the hearts of all the readers who will be reading the same. Prabhat certainly has a philosophy behind his writing and his debut work is going to be an exhibition of that, for sure! For a simple instance, when we read these lines by him:

प्यार तो कभी भी, किसी भी युग में बदल नहीं सकता। यही तो इकलौती ऐसी भावना है जिस पर वक्त, काल का कोई प्रभाव नहीं पड़ा है। हर युग में, इस दुनिया के किसी भी हिस्से में प्यार करने वाले के दिलोदिमाग की स्थिति एक समान ही रही है, यह कभी नहीं बदली, कहीं नहीं बदली। आदम-ईव, राधा-कृष्ण, सलीम-अनारकली, रोमियो-जूलियट, लैला-मजनू, वीर-जारा सब में अपने प्यार के लिए एक समान ही तड़प और तपन महसूस की है। किसी भी वक्त में इतनी ताकत ही नहीं कि वह सृष्टि के सबसे अनमोल तोहफे को कोई क्षति पहुँचा दे। तो जब प्यार इन हजारों सालों में नहीं बदला तो भला अब कैसे बदल जायेगा। पर हाँ, यहाँ मैं सच्चे प्यार की बात कर रहा हूँ, सिर्फ प्यार की, उस जैसी या उसके नाम के आड़ में छिपे किसी और रिश्ते की नहीं।

(Love cannot change in any age. This is the only feeling which has been unaffected by time. In every century, the minds of the people who love has undergone the same situations and it has never been altered anywhere. We have Adam & Eve, Radha & Krishna, Saleem & Anarkali, Romeo & Juliet, Laila & Majnu, Veer & Jara and all have felt the same emotions for their loved ones! No time has the power to harm the best ever gift of the creation! The love which could not change in the thousand years, how can it change now? Nevertheless, I am talking about the true love and only love, no other relations hiding behind the name of it.

My translation of the Hindi language cannot create the same chasm of emotions which author Prabhat Ranjan has created in the lines above! You will feel the depth of his words when you read the novel once it’s released nationwide in somedays from now. My appeal is especially to the readers from Bihar that please give a read to the author who has come from the same place you all belong! He is the one who could not control his emotions and thought best to let others know it…

Prabhat Ranjan is professionally an engineer and has been working for a reputed organisation for years. Though late, but not the least that he has heard the voice of his inner being and planned to quit his job to write. He will probably be leaving the post by the end of next year. He wants to write about human emotions and the stories which could connect to the readers easily. He feels that the writings should have some purpose attached so that the effort does not go in vain or for sheer pleasure!


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