19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita by Haribakth

19th Akshauhini: algorithm of the Gita by Haribakth

Many books on Srimad Bhagwad Gita are there in the market. Some of them are on Gita, the first hand and some of them are on the aspects of the Gita. On the first category, we have the books like Paramhansa Yogananda written The Bhagwad Gita: God Talks With Arjuna, A C Bhaktivedanta written Bhagwad Gita As It Is and some others. On the other hand, we have Binova Bhave’s Thoughts on Gita and Vivekananda’s Thoughts on The Gita. Recently, while browsing through the books, I came to know about the book by Haribakth and Vaishnavi – 19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita. This is a book which can be kept in the second category as it talks about the aspects of Gita. I read the book and today, I am sharing some thoughts on the same.

This book might seem quite unusual in the rough perusal, the distribution of the chapters, even the name of the chapters and also the content if you just leisurely walk through it. However, once you settle and read a chapter, you will see that the book unfolds a whole new world to you! Haribakth writes wonderfully with full authority on the knowledge that he has earned by studying Gita so deeply.

Physically, the book has been divided into ten sections, including the authors’ section which talks in plain language about the two authors of the book. 19th Akshauhini offers you a great insight into the knowledge of the Gita from the very beginning. It goes on to explore some of the most important questions that one can have on Gita. For example – why Gita is the authority? Why should one study Gita? Why did God talk about four caste system? What does Krishna say about the world? The answers which the author of the first part of the book offers you are quite understandable and meaningful. Haribakth does not deviate from the subject and he offers his arguments in plain terms without adding any scholarly citations from a third source. He talks on Gita and keeps himself limited to that only.

The second part of the book, which contains some beautifully designed sketches, is a bit graphical. Vaishnavi, the designer and the author of the dialogues for that part, tries to reveal the secret knowledge in Gita in a meaningful and illustrious way. She also attempts some of the important questions encircling around the Gita. Is Gita only for Hindus? Is Yoga for a class only? Should we read Gita daily?

To sum up, to understand Gita well, you can go through this amazingly prepared book 19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita by Haribakth & Vaishnavi. This will certainly not disappoint you!


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