Ravi Nambiar’s Monsoon Minds

Ravi Nambiar’s Monsoon Minds

Giveaway from Ashvamegh came a few days back and I was not very much ready to read a collection of short stories. However, after reading the first story – A Rural Desire, my preoccupation was gone! I did not know that newbies are also this much expressive; I didn’t find a better surprise than this book, Monsoon Minds by Ravi Nambiar. Much about this author has been written at The Indian Authors.

The qualities of the book are too many and all of them cannot be listed in a single review. However, the most enchanting thing that I found out in the book Monsoon Minds is its appeal to the readers’ emotions. I could feel with the invisible narrator in the lines as well as with the characters who were involved. I have read many novels of the modern day and many stories which are mostly spicy in nature. I did not see that ‘necessary compulsion’ indulging in Ravi’s stories. He has kept his language simple and kept it far away from the boredom of the usual city romance. The set up of the stories are mostly in the rural backdrop which is a breathing part of the collection.

The first timer, as the author is, has kept the promise he makes on the back cover of the book. The flower vendor’s story is truly sentimental and so is the very first story of Sugadamma. Rarely a reader would not feel with the story’s characters who seem in a perennial contemplation posture! Another story, of sister Mary and her son, is quite intriguing. This story kept my mind captured for some time. What have we made of ourselves? The book seems to be asking this question time and again and the reader, in most of the cases, seems to be introspecting oneself…

To conclude this one, I will say that the book has quite an impressive appearance! Total 18 stories are there in the collection Monsoon Minds and all of them are interesting, moving and enchanting stories. Some end as you would wish and some end as you won’t expect. This is the beauty of the writing… Ravi Nambiar has done quite an impressive work in his very first book and I will recommend every reader who wants to read something different than the usual to read this book.

Give you mind a little break from the typical facebook and modern stories and read something which has originality in it. Get your copy from Amazon and just lose yourself in the read which you will surely like! All the best!

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