The Game of Online Book Reviews

The Game of Online Book Reviews

Online book reviews are playing a very important role in the book industry these days. We see hundreds of books being launched every day and only some of them can make it to the chart called bestsellers; the question arises, why? Many aspiring authors write their books with dedication and all that they have got, still, only a handful of those can make it to the height. The Internet is playing an important role in this field today and the players of book marketing and author promotions have made it possible for the writers to get their books in limelight very easily.

Online book reviews ensure that the authors have plenty to show to the readers when someone searches for their book on the internet – google results or yahoo results or otherwise. The books with a penetrated web presence and many results are more likely to leave a good impression upon the readers. Also, the important factor of the online reviews is that the reviews should be posted only on the websites which mostly feature book-related stuff.

Today, the key players in Online Book Promotions are focusing mostly on book reviews on the web and social media promotion on different platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter. Among all these, I will reinforce that the role of LinkedIn is much important as it holds the key to author marketing more than facebook as it has targeted users which are far more serious than those.

There are many individuals as well as companies which are in this field now. Individuals with targeted blogs and companies with a chain of platforms are offering book promotion packages to the authors who want to reach a wider audience for their books. It is an inevitable truth of the book market today that a book without promotion will seldom reach to the hands of readers… that’s why you see full page ads in the newspapers promoting half girlfriend and other richer titles.

To end my post, I will say that a serious author today cannot put himself away from online book reviews in any way…. one has to do it for the sake of his or her book!


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