Jane Eyre | Book Review | Classics

Jane Eyre | Book Review | Classics

What is Jane Eyre? If we ignore the much debated and appreciated feminism angel in the novel, we do find a well-crafted love story on the move throughout the book! And I stand much firm with the lines that I am writing right now. Jane Eyre is a quality romance or romantic novel first hand; all other elements come into play only after you have enjoyed a pure romantic read of the novel, and strictly, only if you are a student of literature. For the common readers like me, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte will forever remain a classic romance!

Jane Eyre
a still from the 2011 Jane Eyre movie

Jane is one of the characters who lives forever in your heart even after you become a modern reader after coming across all those classics and eventually finding yourself bored! I have come to read Jane Eyre three years ago but the memories are still fresh in my heart. The kid Jane is as living and animated as any other child of her age could be; but the fact is that she is being suppressed by her family members. This suppression that does not let her be what she is, lives with her for quite some time until she meets Mr. Rochester. Her suppression furthers in the Lowood school and finally she relishes herself in the Thronfield Hall. The Thrornfield hall story leaves almost every reader in an awe – who is the culprit? Rochester? Jane? Or we should rather look at Bertha?

Unlike most of the readers and reviewers who do it in the traditional way, I would like to pose only the important facts about the book to my readers.

Jane Eyre is:

A romantic novel

A feminist novel

A classic novel

Almost a one-character novel

The basic drive of the novel is the self-esteem of the girl Jane. She is almost broken when she comes to know that the man she loved is already married and that Rochester had kept her in dark. She leaves the marriage ceremony in-between and runs away and finally returns when she realises that her love for Rochester is genuine. Thus, the romance triumphs high in the novel but with so many conditions and pre-conditions and post-conditions. That’s why this novel is highly debated and much talked. But the most interesting fact is that, in spite of being a classic and almost being 170 years old, you will not feel low reading this. There are twists and turns in the novel which will simply arrest you and excite you to read further… please read it at least once in your lifetime…



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